Cross Country Moving Companies

Cross Country moveDoes your move go from coast to coast, from Canada to Florida's panhandle? When you need cross country movers, you need North American Van Lines. No other cross country moving companies in the country have the resources and capabilities that we possess, from our more 500 agent locations throughout the U.S. to our 75 years of experience in the industry. We are one of the most recognized van lines in North America, trusted by individuals and families for successful, hassle-free cross country moving experiences.

Picking up your life and moving it to another state or the opposite coast is task daunting in and of itself. Finding a way to get all your goods there securely and on-time? That's another concern entirely. While a do-it-yourself move will end up costing a considerable amount of time, energy and money, hiring professional cross country movers will ensure your valuables are packed, transported and unpacked safely and efficiently. During the time of cross country moving, handling the move yourself or trusting disreputable cross country moving companies with getting your memories to your new home are not worth the risk.

Cross Country Movers that Benefit Your Move

Cross country againWhy exactly do you benefit from choosing North American Van Lines as your professional moving company? Rather, what don't you benefit from? From the initial in-home moving estimate to the safe transport of your goods to the unpacking of the last carton, we are with you every step of the way. We handle the stress of your actual move so you have the time and energy to focus on your new life in a brand new location. When you choose North American Van Lines for your relocation, you're choosing to experience the North American Way - a commitment to quality throughout the move.

Think about all the major and minor things involved with moving your life across the country. You might have to find the best local schools or daycares. You will need to find a new bank, notify credit card companies of your change in address and send your new address to friends and family. You will be starting fresh, creating a new life in less than familiar surroundings. While you're transplanting your life to a new place, let North American Van Lines transport your belongings. We will be the familiar faces you can rely on when moving to an unfamiliar place.

Cross Country Moving Expertise throughout the Move

From the beginning to the end of the cross country moving experience, North American Van Lines provides secure packing and transport with the highest quality service - all at a surprisingly affordable price. Need us to pack up every item in your home and provide special crating services for fragile items? Want your vehicle shipped across the country? Do you require third party assembly services for your appliances? Whatever your unique move demands, we have the services you need as full-service cross country movers. Our specialized packing techniques, highly-trained drivers and air ride equipped trucks mean that your valuables receive the best protection throughout the relocation process.

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